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Ghost Kiss: First Date by JakeRichmond
Ghost Kiss: First Date
Out of nowhere here’s a new single page Ghost Kiss story (taking place thw day after episode 4). As you may have guessed, Mya goes on a lot of first dates, but both her powers and secret identity make long relationships difficult. And maybe because she doesn’t have any real expectations of long term relationships Mya has become kind of bad at dating. Or at least I feel like first date at the gym is kind of not great? At least Nina doesn’t seem too put out. And I assure you that Mya does have hobbies besides working out!
Modest Medusa 697 by JakeRichmond
Modest Medusa 697
– Sorry for the late update. My sleep schedule is all over the place this week. Hopefully I’ll have the Friday update up on time!
Modest Medusa 696 by JakeRichmond
Modest Medusa 696

–  From now until the end of the year several items from my online store are $5 off, including the Modest Medusa hardcover books, plush Medusa pillows, Chainsaw Unicorn plush hats and scarves and more! You can check it out here.

I’m also offering a special holiday deal over at the Combine store. Get the first 4 issues of my sci-fi anthology Combine (featuring my comic Ghost Kiss) for just $30. Thats a $10 savings on over 250 pages of comics!

Asami loves Korra: Balance, part 4 by JakeRichmond
Asami loves Korra: Balance, part 4

– The idea for this one came from some reading I did last year when I was working on the Workout story (the one about Korra’s abs). The Airbending we see in Legend of Korra is apparently inspired by a few real world martial arts, including Shen Wu. I spent an afternoon reading all about Shen Wu trying to find inspiration for a strip, but instead what I discovered is that it’s all pretty boring (to read about. I guess it’s more fun to practice). It was easy for me to imagine Tenzin boring Korra with lectures about maintaining proper balance and posture. While reading an article by Tim Cartmell a series of phrases struck me as kind of hilariously unintentionally suggestive in kind of the very vague way that stuff does when you’re super bored and zoning out. I could easily see Korra drifting off and thinking about her girlfriend while Tenzin droned on and on, and that became the basis for this story. Tenzin’s speech is mostly from one of Cartmell’s articles.

I said before that I think probably everyone in her life is a little in love with Korra. Her magnatism and charisma are powerful (much like her father, and of course previous Avatars). I think Korra is kind of oblivious to the effect she has on people. On the other hand, Asami knows that she is a very beautiful person. From her very first appearance Asami is always perfectly poised, always sharply dressed, make up and hair always on point. It would have been easy to write Asami as the arrogant rich girl that we love to hate, but thankfully the series writers took a different, more complex approach. But I have no doubt that Asami knows exactly how attractive she is, and what effect she has on Korra. More than once in the series we see Korra blush and stammer when Asami turns her full attention toward her. I like to think Asami enjoys both pushing Korra out of her comfort zone and teasing her into embarrassment. And of course Korra is always up for a challenge!

Tenzin is one of my favorite characters from the series and I always wish I had more ideas for stories based around him. I can’t imagine that Tenzin and Korra don’t continue to have a strong relationship, even as Korra grows older and becomes his peer instead of his student. I like to think that Korra spends most of her time living with Asami, but still keeps her room at Air Temple Island. Tenzin’s family is very much her second family, after all! It’s easy to imagine Korra and Naga bursting in early in the morning for breakfast, goofing around with the younger kids then joining Tenzin for some serious morning Airbending exercises or suffering through a boring lecture. I think eventually Korra and Asami will have a family of their own, but until then this is Korra’s home away from home.

– If you like my Korrasami comics you may also like my superhero comic Ghost Kiss!

– This is my first new Korrasami story in 10 months, and honestly I don’t think more than a few days has gone by in all that time without one of you asking when the next story was coming. I hadn’t intended to take so long between stories, but the sad truth is that I just can’t afford to spend a lot of time working on this series. right now I have about 6 more Korrasami stories  planned, and I’m sure I’ll come up with more, but finding any time to work on them has become difficult. It’s all about money unfortunately. If you’d like to see more Korra comics more regularly please consider becoming a  patron through my Patreon. Your contributions through patreon help pay my bills, keep me fed and allow me to focus on making comics. So if you wnat to see more Korrasami comics from me, please become a patron! You can check out my Patreon here!



Jake Richmond
United States
Jake is an illustrator and award winning game designer. his comic, Modest Medusa, updates weekly here:

His games include Panty Explosion Perfect, Sea Dracula, Ocean, Classroom Deathmatch and the shoujo dating sim GxB (Girl x Boy).

Current Residence: Portland
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Favourite cartoon character: Daria

Post Card Front by JakeRichmond

Until the end of the year you can get the first 4 issues of the science fiction comic anthology Combine in a special bundle for just $30. That’s a $10 savings! Check out the Combine store here.

Combine is a large format full color high quality quarterly science fiction comic magazine. Each issue features new chapters of Ghost Kiss by Jake Richmond, Shutter Valley Record by Avery Berkoff, The Last Cowboy by Zoe Coughlin and Devil Spy by Jaymz Bernard!

Back Issue Small by JakeRichmond

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ei9 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
awesome work Jake my man keep it up!
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Will Modest dress up as bees again for Halloween this year? ^_^
JakeRichmond Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016
Probably not. Not sure what she will wear though. Stay tuned tomorrow, I guess.
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking forward to it. ^_^
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I'm a tad late, but congratulations on Yeld's successful Kickstarter campaign...have some fan-art [I commissioned] in obligatory hype and celebration!
Elf474 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
hey, where's part 4 of Lady Bending? it's been a few months. 
JakeRichmond Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
It was just a 3 parter. I am working on more Korrasami comics though.
DubstepPegasister Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Student General Artist
Just wanted to show you this Jake, I've been meaning to post it for over a year now. God I'm so far behind..
JosephCollins Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
So, I just found your comic completely by-chance after poking through some marginally-related TV Tropes... uh... tropes! (Specifically, "Taken for Granite" lead me there.)
... ... ...
This comic appeals to many of my interests -- the two biggest being snake-girls and just plain ol' cuteness.  I wasn't sure what to expect, and most definitely was not expecting the climax of Chapter 1 to be what it was... but despite getting not really being sure of the direction, I stuck with it.  And I am very, very glad that I did.  Read the whole thing in about four hours and man, do I ever want more!  It's gonna be hard waiting three times a week...

I may have to tell more people about this comic  It's such a good read!
JakeRichmond Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016
Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
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