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Modest Medusa 589 by JakeRichmond
Modest Medusa 589
– I’ll be out of town tomorrow visiting my Mom, so I’m not entirely sure what will be happening for teh Friday update. my current plan is to post it a bit late on Friday, but it may get held over till Monday.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Anyway, for those of you in the United States I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!
Modest Medusa 588 by JakeRichmond
Modest Medusa 588

– I’m watching Jessica Jones right now and it reminded me that Modest is actually dressed like Luke Cage in this scene. Which was on purpose. The first time I drew her in this outfit (I don’t remember when that was) I decided it was her Luke Cage outfit. So that’s kind of fun!

– My friend Elaine is in the middle of her Kickstarter for the new volume of her Peter Pan manga. It’s worth checking out, even if you’re not a fan of the source material. You may remember Elaine from one of several Modest Medusa guest strips she’s done over the years. You may also know her from Tales of a Gajin, Dubious Company, Princess Retribution, her awesome Dragon Age Inquisition fan comics or one of teh other 30 comics she does. She’s a prolific creator that deserves your support.  You can get the book pledge for $20, or get caught up with both books for $40! Please check it out!

Modest Medusa 586 by JakeRichmond
Modest Medusa 586

– Some of you have been wondering why Jake even recognizes Jenny the Mermaid, if Modest ever told Jake about what happened with the Mermaids while she and Modest were in Yeld and what Jenny has been up to since then. If you’re asking any of those questions it’s because you don’t own any of the Modest Medusa books. When I first started doing the books I decided I’d put some extra stories in them to help flesh out some minor characters. I never intended these stories to be very important, but several of them have become somewhat key. The 3 books have over 75 pages of comic you’ve never seen, and the most important ones are about Jenny. You can buy the books hereif you want to (for a good price too!), but if you don’t… here’s what happened.

At the end of Season 1 Modest’s mother (The Gorgon) used her magic to pull Jake through the toilet portal into Yeld. Jenny and her friend were laying in wait, with instructions to capture anyone who showed up. After a brief fight Jenny caught Jake in a  net, but ended up accidentally drowning him*.

Later on the Mermaids deliver drowned Jake to the gorgon and collect their reward. they also end up keeping the Kitchen knife that came through the toilet with Jake (the one he stabbed the Chainsaw Unicorn with), which is why it shows up at the bottom of their lake in Season 2, in the perfect spot for Marah to gouge Jenny’s eye out.

The reason the Mermaids are hanging out at the lake in Season 2 and trying to kidnap Modest is because they’re still under orders from her Mom to capture anyone who shows up through the portal. However, after losing her eye and having her best friend turned to stone Jenny decides to get revenge instead. She spends weeks tracking down Marah and the Pirates, and finally ambushes them in an underwater cavern as they search for a treasure that will help them rescue Jake and Medusa (the dragon spear from Season 3). Jenny tries to take revenge, but after a short fight with Marah realizes that everything that happened was actually her fault, a result of working for the Gorgon, and by extension, the Prince. Jenny decides to forgo her revenge, but warns Marah that assaulting the Prince’s castle is a suicide mission.

Later on we find Jenny back at the lake, sulking in the shadow of her petrified friend. She comes to the realization that it’s time to change her life.

*Special note! I mentioned the Mermaids actually drowned Jake. This is important because it was the first part of a major plot that I abandoned. The mermaids take the drowned Jake to the Gorgon where she talks to his spirit or ghost or subconscious (it’s not really clear). My original plan going into Season 2 was that Jake was dead, and that when the girls finally got to the castle to rescue him all they’d find was his body. This is why Jake appears underwater in the lake in Marah’s dream in Season 2, and underwater on teh cover of Season 2. The idea was that the girl’s would meet a ghost at the castle who would follow them around and try to help them, and they’d eventually realize that ghost was Jake and find a way t return him to his body just in time for a big fight with the Prince. But I eventually decided that was all too complicated, and I really wanted Marah to have the big fight with the Prince (under the premise that Jake should never be the center of teh story and that Marah was the hero). So the drowned Jake plot line was quietly swept under the rug (although if you look closely you can find a few references to it).



Jake Richmond
United States
Jake is an illustrator and award winning game designer. his comic, Modest Medusa, updates weekly here:

His games include Panty Explosion Perfect, Sea Dracula, Ocean, Classroom Deathmatch and the shoujo dating sim GxB (Girl x Boy).

Current Residence: Portland
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Favourite cartoon character: Daria

 Last week I said I’d be announcing a new project today, and I hope you’ll humor me for a few minutes while I talk about it. Combine is a new sci-fi comic magazine that I’ll be publishing with Jaymz Bernard and Micah Berkoff. Each issue of this print magazine will feature new chapters of Ghost Kiss (by me), Shutter Valley Record by Micah and Devil Spy by Jaymz. This is a full color large format print magazine. Think Heavy Metal, but with less boobs. Or Shonen Jump, but in color (and with less boobs). The goal is to do a new issue every other month (which means I’ll be producing new Ghost Kiss comics a lot more frequently).  I’ve been wanting to do a regular print comic for years, so I’m really excited about this project.

We’ve set up a Patreon to act as a subscription service. Here’s how it works. You sign up to receive either a digital or physical subscription to Combine. Each time we release a new issue (about once every two months) you’ll be charged your pledge amounts. In other words, we’ll be release 6 issues a year so you’ll be charged 6 times each year. Once your pledge is processed we’ll send you the new issue of Combine. Shipping costs are included in your pledge!

Just to be super clear, Ghost Kiss will still be available to read for free online. New chapters will appear online about the sometime new issues of Combine are released. Likewise, my current Patreon is still the place to go if you want to help fund Ghost Kiss, Modest Medusa or any of my other projects. The Combine Patreon is a completely separate deal. It’s a subscription service designed to allow us to produce and distribute a bimonthly magazine. We make a little money off it, but not much. This is mostly just a “for fun” project for people who like to hold physical comics in their hand and might enjoy having comics show up in their mail.  I’ll still rely on your generosity through my Patreonfor most of my income.

We plan to release the first issue of Combine at the beginning of October. It will feature the first chapters of Ghost Kiss, Devil Spy and Shutter Valley Record. I’m more excited for the second issue though, which will have an all new Ghost Kiss story. I’m excited to be able to share a magazine with Jaymz and Micah too. They’re both doing great work and I think you’ll really dig Devil Spy and SVR!

Anyway, that’s the big announcement! I’m super excited about Combine and I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s the Patreon link.

Ghost kiss page

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  • Reading: Genshiken
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Led1v Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
I've been thinking about what you said about villains for the Legend of Korra (Yes I've still been thinking about a conversation we had almost 5 months ago, I'm weird like that), and, you were right.

If Korra is to face a villain it should be someone who is right but takes their ideals too far and while I love Koh as a villain he is simply kind of villain for Korra to face. So I did some black soul searching for a villain that would work for Korra and try to get ideas for who s/he was, at least in terms of motivation.

For a while I was stumped, none of the villains I could think of worked, but they where either to much like the Joker or two sympathetic and just ended up being clones of Zaheer and Amon. However, I recently came across the film Naruto The Last, which was recommended to me by a friend who knows that I'm a sucker for romances and figured that I would love this film.

And he was write, I absolutely adored it, not only one of the best romance films I've ever seen but one of the best films ever made. My only Real issue was that the villain wasn't very intimidating or intriguing, had he been better then this could have been the Wrath of Khan for romances.

But that's for another day, one scene that found interesting was a brief scene where Naruto remembers his confrontation with someone called Pain, who was only on screen for about 10 seconds but he did leave an impression as we see him beat Naruto in one move.

So I did some digging and many fans pointed to Pain's Assault as one of, if not they best arcs in the series. So I decided to hunt it down and watch it and see what I thought and while it was a little heavy on the exposition it was a great story but what really stood out to me was the villain himself, Pain.

While watching this arc I found Pain to be a very Intimidating and Intriguing antagonist with a great backstory and amazing powers and yet he was still strangely human as he wasn't always on top of everything yet but never came off as incompetent. He could be tricked, he could be surprised, there where things he wasn't aware of and get beaten thanks to that and I loved it. That's something I can't remember seeing in resent years, as most villains seem to always be one top of everything, like the Joker or Silva, who seem to be able to plan for everything and are almost never surprised.

Pain on the other hand, who was able to stay on top for most of the arc, was surprised, sometimes by little things that he didn't plan or count on like when Kakashi out smarting him during their fight with a shadow clone or when Hinata went to break the rods holding Naruto down instead of fighting him directly like she had in the manga.

This made Pain believable flawed which helped him feel more well rounded. Anyway back to the point, towards the end of the arc I started to realize that Pain was the sort of villain that would be perfect for a Korra villain. His ideas are noble but he has taken them to far to the point that he is willing to rip the world apart in order to save it. But what makes him even better then the other villains of Korra is that he knows what this means for him. He knows that he will not be seen as a hero, he knows that he will be hated for this, but he feels that it is necessary in order to achieve peace.

Honestly he is so good and works so well that I wouldn't want to change anything except maybe his power levels so he can better work against Team Avatar without over powering them and give 4 of the six the ability to control the elements instead of jutsu but keep everything else. His ability to reanimate corpse and control them, having the Dev Pain using his Universal Pull and Almighty Push and keep his backstory more or less intact.

Basically just create an Expy of Pain because he is such a great villain and changing who he is would diminish his character. I'm not talking about making a scene for scene recreation of Pain's Assault, just taking one character from that show who is a great villain and putting him in a new setting and different characters from another series to fight but he is the same character he was before.

serbus Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! I haven't been able to access the site for a couple weeks.  I was wondering if the site is down on purpose?
JakeRichmond Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
It's not, although it is experiencing some problems. You're not the only one who hasn't been able to view it. I'm currently working on it. For some people refreshing your cache (I don't know what that means) or clearing your browser history (or something like that) will do the trick, letting you access the current version of the site instead of the previous version that your browser may default to. Some people have success with googling "modest medusa" and then accessing the site from the search results (and creating a new bookmark afterwards). That may or may not work for you. If not, you can read weekly updates here on DA, on my Patreon page (…), on tumblr ( or over at Drunk Duck (…).

Sorry for the inconvenience. I wish I understood why this was happening. Every time I try to fix it the whole thing seems to get worse.

- Jake
serbus Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome, thank you!  I'm just glad it's not down permanent.  That woulda made me a sad panda. XD
I will clear my cache.
serbus Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! I haven't been able to access the site for a couple weeks.  I was wondering if the site is down on purpose?
Cheetaur Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Just found Modest Medusa and now binge reading....I am really enjoying it.
Thanks for sticking with it, it is truly enjoyable

Be well

Cheetaur (new fan)
JakeRichmond Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Thanks for reading!
Cheetaur Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
You are most welcome
Stay healthy.
Roscoe3000 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Modest Rides the Bus! by Roscoe3000

Submitted to my gallery!
Hazlenaut Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Hey jackrichmond, I am tagging you with 10 questions. Sorry, here is the link
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